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University Platform for Research on Islam in Europe and Lebanon
> Launch of a new research group in Rome
The Document on Human Fraternity: theological, philosophical and social reflections and developments
Co-created by the Center for inter-religious studies of the Pontifical Gregorian University and the Pontifical Institute for Arabic and Islamic Studies (PISAI), this new research group works on the theme of fraternity in the Abu Dhabi Document on Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together, signed by Pope Francis and the Great Imam of Al-Azhar Ahmad al-Tayyeb on February 4th, 2019. 
> Call for papers
Islam and Otherness
Call for papers for the 3rd international Congress of PLURIEL, that will be held in Beirut on April 14-15, 2020
Lectures in English, Arabic and French
DEADLINE : September 10th, 2019
Iǧtihād and taqlīd in Sunnī and Šīʿī Islam
Call for papers for MIDEO 36 (2021), Journal of the Dominican Institute for Oriental Studies, Cairo.
Articles in English, Arabic and French
DEADLINE : January 15th, 2020
> Next events
July 10-13
Imagining the Other.
Theo-Political Challenges in an Age of Migration
August 12-16
The Divine Attributes 'Omniscience and Omnipotence'
> Following events
  • September 23-30 : Das Zusammenleben von Christen und Muslimen in Andalusien : Summer school in Granada: Conviventia 2.0. Phil.-Theol. Hochschule Sankt Georgen and Forum interkultureller Dialo/ Frankfurt
  • October 23-24 : Religion and self-critique. Philosophical and theological perspectives. Two evening events in Munich and Frankfurt to celebrate the 5th year of the “Eugen-Biser Stiftungslehrstuhl for philosophy of religion and philosophy of the subject” and the Stiftungslehrstuhl “Catholic theology in the light of Islam”. Contact : Tobias Specker, sj
> Publications
Islamochristiana N°44 
In Memoriam Maurice Borrmans
Issue 44 of the journal edited by the PISAI, entirely dedicated to its founder: Father Maurice Borrmans.
Quand la religion s'invite en entreprise
Sous la direction de Michel YOUNÈS
Actes du colloque du séminaire "Religions et Entreprises" de l'UCLy. 
How powerful is religion? Christianity and Islam on the test bench.
Ströbele, Christian / Specker, Tobias / Dziri, Amir / Tatari, Muna
Interreligious and Intercultural Investigations
The publication of the annual journal of the Center for interreligious studies of the Pontifical Gregorian University has been restarted.
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